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Bloodstone sphere
Picture: Bloodstone sphere by Bob Ritchie, ME, Shop Friend Contest Winner for October 2007
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Bob Ritchie of Maine with his 3.6" bloodstone sphere is our Shop Friend Contest Winner for October 2007.� The four photos show the different views of his recently completed sphere using his Covington 3-Head sphere machine.� Bob wrote the following: "Here is the image of the larger of the two spheres I was able to make from that block of material you sent.� Awesome piece!� Also very tough.� It took a perfect polish with Cerium Oxide.� This is one of my favorites."� We agree Bob!� The India bloodstone sphere is awesome! Congratulations and thanks for sending a photo of your work and lapidary information on how to work bloodstone. Check out A few lapidary tips on making spheres by Bob Ritchie listed under Lapidary Tips category.