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Polished slabs, heels, tumbled stones, plus

Polished Blue Mtn. jasper, 1.2 lbs. Polished slabs, bookends, tumbled stones and more.
Assorted sizes and thickness of polished semi-precious gemstone slabs, bookends, heels of rough, tumbled stones, plus. Use these items for jewelry, clock faces, wind chimes, gifts or display. Blue Mtn. jasper, OR, photo on the left.
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Brazil agate bookends
Lepidolite round
Deer Creek fire agate ring, not for sale
Pol. No. 2 tumbled agate slabs
Pol. No. 5 Brazil agate slab
Pol. No. 6 Brazil agate slab
Polished Circle Cliffs wood
Polished Hubbard Basin-A
Polished Hubbard Basin-B
Polished:Hubbard Basin-A1
Polished: Woodworthia slab
Tule polished, agatized
Rough side Tule, polished
Blue Mtn. jasper, 1.2, pol.