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Picture: Mushroom picture rock rough, AZ
$ 16.00
Mushroom picture rock is a silica rich orbicular rhyolite with phenomenal orbs and patterns which will cut large and small cabochons. (Stock 632) The material is also called Mushroom picture jasper.  The mushroom picture rock is cabbing grade, but may have a few pits and vugs. The unusual gemstone material will polish well, especially with diamond procedures.  The colors found in mushroom picture rock are reds, tans, browns, beige, orange, grays and greens.  Arizona mushroom picture jasper can be slabbed several ways.  For interesting mushroom pictures, study the rock for these patterns, and if you slab in the opposite direction, you'll get orbs and wild patterns.  Some rough also produces faces and pictures which makes it very popular.  Awesome jewelry is being made with this material by some. This is a new find out of Arizona.  Sizes of the rough mushroom picture rock available are from one to eight pounds and the rough is sold for $16.00 per pound. See a sample of mushroom picture rocks slabs listed under Slabs for Cabbing.

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